VIDEO: Restful Exercises to Clear Your Mind


These three videos are restful exercises that I really encourage you do to wind down.

Simple Spinal Twist

A twist helps to take out knots that might have occurred during your workout or workday, and neutralizes the spine.  Start by lying on your back.  Once there, bring your thighs to your chest and drop them to the right.  If the knees don’t touch the floor, please place a block under them to help keep the lower back safe.  Keep the head in the direction you’re twisting, extending the left hand with the palm up.  This will give the shoulder a nice chance to stretch and the neck an opportunity to relax.

Lower Back Care

This is a great way to either warm up or cool down the body, and it is part of my daily routine.  Start off on your back with both feet on the mat.  Bend the left leg and grab the outside of it with your left hand.  If that’s too much for your body, try the calf instead or use a strap.  This is a good way to open up the hips.  Hold for one minute and than extend the leg up to straight opening  the hamstring.  

If the leg is tight, bend your knee and consider using a strap.  Hold this pose for 1-2 minutes and then gently release and place the left foot on top of the right thigh.  If you’re met with a lot of tightness, stay at this stage and push the left thigh away from you with your hand.  If you are more open, go to the next stage by taking the hands through the center and grabbing behind the right thigh.  Keeping the left foot flexed, remain in this position for 2-3 minutes.  Last pose with be a full happy baby.  Start by grabbing the outside of both feet.  If you’re met with a lot of tightness, try using two straps or grab the calfs instead.  Stay for 30 seconds and feel free to move side to side.  Bring your thighs to the chest and start your second side.  This is a great routine I do daily to keep my lower back happy especially after a long workout or skiing day.  

Spinx Pose

This is an effective way to counter our days of slouching and perhaps even too much time in front of the computer.  This pose helps you to open up the lower back by providing gentle traction.  Start by lying on your stomach and coming up to your forearms.  Make sure your shoulders, elbows and hands are in straight line.  Bring the elbows slightly in front of the shoulders and relax the belly to your mat.  If this feels good in your body, try bending one knee for one minute and than switch or simply stay for 2-3 minutes.  A great counter pose for this would be child’s pose.

And there you have it, a few simple restful exercises which are very helpful in reentering the mind and body!
xo, Nikita

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