Recipe: Japanese Breakfast



I have always loved trying foods from different cultures and want to share with you one of my favorites meals. When I visited Yachio, a small ryokan (a traditional Japanese Inn) in Kyoto, I tried a Japanese breakfast for the first time. It was spectacular! I had never tasted food so delicious before.

There are three parts to the breakfast: the san dabs (fish), an egg, and rice. I’ve included directions and ingredients for all three. The rice takes about 45 minutes to prepare, so it is best to prepare it first.


    • Japanese rice
    • Filtered water
    • Rice steamer/cooker
    • To learn how to cook the perfect rice, watch my video here!


    • Fresh san dabs (or any other fish, like salmon or sole)
    • Non-stick sauce pan
    • Salt and pepper
    • Clarified butter
    • Cooked Japanese rice
    • Dry the fish with the paper towel.
    • Season the fish with salt and pepper.
    • Add the clarified butter to the heated sauce pan. Set the pan on medium-high heat till the butter bubbles.
    • When the butter is ready, lay the fish gently in the pan away from you to prevent splashing.
      • TIP – Let the fish cook till you get a nice color. Don’t move the fish around or shake the pan. This will give the fish a nice crust underneath. It will start to turn pale white as it brown underneath. Then you flip the fish away from you to again avoid splashing butter on yourself. The fish will only need a few minutes to cook. If the fish starts to curl up, you can use a spatula to push the fish down flat. That way you crust the entire side.
    • Place the steamed rice into a serving bowl and the fish onto a serving plate.


    • Hen egg(s)
    • Timer
    • Pot for boiling water
    • Egg cup
    • Boil water. Once the water is boiling, carefully drop the hen eggs into the water with a ladle to prevent cracking.
    • Set the timer for 3 minutes.
    • Take the eggs out of the water. Let them sit for a minute.
      • TIP – When boiling the egg, you don’t want to overcook and hard boil it. Instead, the egg should only cook for several minutes and will be runny when served.
    • Crack the top of the egg shell off, try to avoid getting shell into the egg. If some shell gets in, you can always scoop it out carefully. Place the egg into an egg cup.

I hope you enjoy this delicious Japanese breakfast as much as I do! Bon appétit!

xo, Nikita





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