Louis Vuitton Home Tour Paris, France


Recently, I went on an intimate tour of Louis Vuitton’s original home. The experience was very unique and I was able to see so many beautiful pieces, as well as the only place in the world where Louis Vuitton trunks are made. We were shown the process of how the trunks are cut and all the various technical skills it takes to assemble these iconic pieces – it was very interesting and educational at the same time. The historian, that works specifically for Louis Vuitton, gave us a glimpse of the history of the house as well as the story  behind the creation of the first Louis Vuitton trunk and the famous LV logo.

Interesting facts:

  • Louis Vuitton put his name on the market by creating the first lightweight and water proof trunk.
  • The trunks were designed to be able to stack with ease on top of one another for voyages.
  • The Louis Vuitton logo was created to avoid forgeries.
  • The first monogram canvas was created by the son of Louis Vuitton, George, after Louis’s death.


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